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The Family

The founding of Bloody Point Vineyard started with an idea.  

John Anderson, the founder, has spent his entire life in the farming and ranching community of the Klamath Basin.  This area is known nationwide for the special attributes of it's crops due to it's unique blend of harsh but sparing conditions, bright, dry summers, and its warm days and cool nights.  

In 2009, John began collecting on site data to see if growing grapes on a commercial basis could be a possibility.  The data collected made it apparent that the grow site he had chosen was warmer than the surrounding areas and provided a longer growing season with potential for this unconventional crop.    

Despite the data collected, extensive research, and professional opinions, there was no certainty that growing grape vines here could be successfully done.  Still, in April 2010 the first experimantal varieties were planted.

That first year 23 varieties and clones were planted over one acre. Of those 23, only 4 remain on that acre and we are still experimenting to this day.  

Currently our white varieties are lead by Riesling and Gewürztraminer. Followed by Muscat Ottonel and Chardonnay.  

As for our reds, we have Cabernet Franc , followed by Syrah, Primitivo,  a small lot of Merlot, and trials of several Cabernet Sauvignon clones.  

We are still evolving, growing and learning about the business of growing grapes in the area.   We would like to give a big thanks to Washington State University and Cornell University in New York for their research and advice, and especially for the extensive hands-on help from Jeff Samples, who has done much of the clonal research in Washington state.  

We would also like to thank our community for their support.


Sept. 1, 2015

Bloody Point Winery,  

We wanted to thank you for letting us try your Bloody Point Chardonnay and Primitivo wines. In short, they were fantastic. Your Chardonnay was crisp and clean and my wife and I both enjoyed it immensely. Both my wife and I enjoy red wines a great deal and in your Primitivo we found a new favorite.

It is amazing to us that wine that is so good could come from the Klamath Basin. We can’t wait until your wines hit the market and look forward to making your wines a household staple.

Bill and Brenda Patterson

Hi Jeannie,

Thank you, so much for the wine.

I have only tried the Gewurzt. It’s the best I’ve had. It’s crisp and not too sweet. I would love to buy a case.

Happy people are wine people.

Love you guys,

Judy Coehlo

I have traveled all over the world and one of the things I have enjoyed is seeing the difference in something common in many areas, one of those things is Riesling Wines. My first introduction to them was as an exchange student in Australia and visits to the Hunter Valley, Borrosa Valley and the Coonwarra regions and found each to have distinct different tastes. Then in the Navy I kept it up with vineyards in Napa, Sonoma, Washington State, New York State, Maryland then throughout the world as in Turkey, Belgium, France, Germany Northern Italy, Spain, Switzerland. You not only get a flavor of the wine but the land. Some would be sweet, some more floral, some more citrus notes, some more tree fruit. I have had some I considered very exceptional and complex and some that were just OK but very “one note pony”. When I was given some of Bloody Point’s Riesling I was really surprised to find such an exceptional and complex wine with so many subtle overtones, a definite floral bouquet with pronounced tree fruit flavors (peach and apple) with hints of citrus, not too try, not too sweet. My wife and I paired it up with some fresh Medford pears and some Rogue creamery Havarti and Fontina – our only compliant was we knew we couldn’t just go get another bottle yet!

John W W Arnold
Klamath Falls