' Bloody Point Vineyard

Bloody Point Vineyard, located in the region of far Northern California better known for its buckaroos, antelope, rattlesnakes and waterfowl, overlooks it’s historic namesake Bloody Point.

Perhaps the northern-most vineyard in California, BPV sits seven miles east of Tulelake and 30 miles southeast of Klamath Falls, Oregon, in the midst of “Devil’s Garden” country, a desolate volcanic region of ancient lava flows and cinder buttes. There, on a south-west facing slope of the beautiful Klamath Basin, Bloody Point Vineyard faces Mt. Shasta and the cascade range, some 60 miles to the west.

It was here in the mid 1800’s that two people’s and two cultures collided. On one hand were the Native Americans trying to protect their ancestral way of life. On the other was the continual flow of settlers from the east trying to better theirs.

It has been our intent to recognize the struggles that occurred here that stand as a testament to the courage and fortitude of the natives and the settlers that lived in those times and to the heritage we all share.